Saturday, February 21, 2009

Odie is 14 weeks old!

Odie had his second vet's appt. this week. Last appointment, at 11 weeks, he weighed 8 lbs., now he is 11 lbs. He eats like a champ, not surprisingly.
He has just learned the "sit" command. We need to work on leash, come, and stay. I am always amazed at how smart he is! He is big enough now to jump onto the furniture - not that we want that!

Odie's coat is growing longer. He will need a haircut soon. One lady I took Pepper to, said that she has her "babies" on the grooming table at 4 weeks. She raises cocker spaniels. So, it is not too early to get Odie to a groomer. He is getting a bath tomorrow. He has figured out how to get under our back porch, he comes out with a cloud of dirt! So, he is due!

These doggies give me the biggest laughs of the day, and smiles. They are always happy to see me or anyone, and are always ready to play.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my doggies

We have a 2 1/2 year old Schnauzer named Pepper. After some debate, we decided that Pepper may like a friend. Recently we added Odie to our home. Odie (Odin, the Norse god) is 11 weeks old. So far, Pepper and Odie are getting along famously. I think Pepper is getting a little worn out from his sidekick, but has taken the puppy abuse pretty well. I will post pictures as he grows.